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Here you will find answers for the most frequently asked questions

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  1. How do I connect to MSsql Database on Windows 2000/Windows 2003 Server using ASP?
  2. In your ASP page create an mssql connection code.
    Here is the code:

    sConn = "Provider=sqloledb;" & "Data Source="&Host_Name&";" & "Initial Catalog="&Catalog&";" & "User Id="&database_UserName&";" & "Password="&database_Password

    (Host_Name) is your MSsql database host name or IP Address
    (Catalog) is your MSsql Database name.
    (database_UserName) is your MSsql Database login
    (database_Password) is your MSsql Database login password

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  3. I cannot connect to my MS Access datasource from DreamweaverMX using ColdFusionMX. Help! (ColdFusion)
  4. Open a new support ticket and provide us the following information:

    1) DSN Name

    If MySQL, MSSQL or PostgreSQL
    2) Database Name
    3) Database Server
    4) Database username
    5) Database password

    If MS Access
    2) Database path
    3) User/Password if any

    The Tech. Support will create a DSN for your database. After that you should be able to connect to your database using the following ColdFusion string:

    <cfquery name="query-name" datasource="DSN-Name">

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  5. How to back up a mySQL database using phpMyAdmin?
  6. You can backup your database using the PHPMyAdmin feature in your control panel. In PHPMyAdmin, select the database you want to backup and select "Export" tab on the right screen. Choose the tables you wish to backup (or "Select All" for all tables). Scroll down and tick "Save File As..." and click on the "Go" button. Simply save the database that begins to download, on your local computer.

    While we do regular backups of all our servers, we do not provide restores for one specific account, folder, file, or database. You will need to make sure you have backed up your latest database(s) on your local machine.

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  7. How to restore a mySQL database using phpMyAdmin?
  8. Click on your database name shown on the upper left.

    Locate your back up file for the database that you want to restore. Open it and copy the entire contents.

    Paste into the field called "Run SQL query/queries on database yourdomain_com" and click the "Go" button.

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  9. How can I get DBO permissions on my MSSQL user for this database?
  10. Please open a ticket with your database name, database server and the database user you wish to give DBO permissions to. This will have to be done manually by our support team

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  11. How do I connect to MS ACCESS Database on Windows 2000/Windows 2000 Server using ASP?
  12. First Upload your MS Access database on the root folder.

    In your ASP page create an Access database connection code.
    Here is the code:

    sConn = "DBQ=" &server.mappath("database_name.mdb")&";DefaultDir=c:\server\;Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DriverId=25;FIL=MS Access;"

    Where (database_name.mdb) is your access database name.

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  13. How do I creating ODBC DSN Records on Windows Server?

  14. To create a new DSN Record, do the following:

    1) Click the ODBC icon on your home page control panel, and the list of available ODBC drivers will show.

    2) Click the Add icon next to the DB driver you need.

    3) Fill the form that appears. Forms are different depending on the DSN type:
    - Enter the second part of your full DSN name in the DSN field. Note: The first part of your full DSN name is your Windows login. In the applications/scripts you run on your server, you must use the full DSN name, e.g. testvi0-mydatabase as in the below example.
    - Directories and file names must include paths relative to your home dir root, (the SourceDB field should include the name of the database and the extension).

    4) Click Create.

    For further details please click the following link:

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  15. How do I make my MSSQL Server 2000 Database supports Arabic Language?
  16. First: make sure that your data types of your database fields are (nchar, nvarchar, and ntext).

    Second: Remember that the use of the "n" prefix to represent Unicode data in both string literals and data types.

    SQL Select Statement example:

    SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE Myfield = N' "& Searching_Criteria &" ' ; "

    SQL Insert Statement example:

    INSERT INTO MyTable (Myfield ) VALUES ( N' "& My_Value &" ')

    SQL Update Statement example:

    UPDATE MyTable Set Myfield = N' "& My_Value &" '

    For more information about Multilingual Transact-SQL please read the following MSDN article:


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  17. How do I connect my ASP.net application to MySQL database?
  18. In general, 2 different methods can be used to connect an ASP.net application to MySQL database.

    Using ODBC .net data provider
    Using a MySQL native .net data provider

    We only provide support for using ODBC .net data provider to connect to MySQL.

    Our servers do not have any MySQL .net data provider installed because of the lack of standardization in this market. If you prefer to use native drivers to connect to MySQL, you can upload the data provider to your bin directory.

    Here is a list of available MySQL .net data providers

    ByteFX MySQL Driver:

    Core Lab MySQLDirect .NET Driver:

    eInfoDesigns MySQL .NET Data Provider:

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  19. Do you provide technical support for databases?
  20. HostStore will assist you how to connect to your database and help you in troubleshooting database issues. However we do not assist you with building your databases.

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  21. What Database types do you support?
  22. HostStore supports wide range of Database types: MySQL, MS SQL 2000, PGSQL, and Microsoft Access

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  23. Do you support Oracle Database?
  24. Not at this time.

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  25. How do I login to MSSQL enterpirse manager?
  26. In order to login to MSSQL enterprise manager please follow the instructions at the tutorials section of HostStore Support Center.

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